Foundation Training 

We are able to offer, a beautiful puppy of your choice, trained in basic obedience and highly socialised. Available at 16 weeks old, with foundation training, you would have a puppy that will be a great addition to any home.

The early weeks of a dog’s life are extremely important in shaping how your dog may behave for the rest of its life. Many people do not realise how important this stage of development is. As most of us have such busy lives, we can sometimes find it difficult to fit puppy training in to our schedule. We need to put in time and commitment and be consistent with our training to give the puppy the best chance to learn.  

Using proven reward based methods & lots of fun your puppy will learn happily & willingly. At all times, he/she will be raised a loving family home with lots of interaction with other dogs, children, & many visitors. There will be a structured routine, with rules and boundaries to help them learn to live harmoniously with in its new human family. Your dog may live for 10 years plus, Foundation training is a great investment in getting them off on the right paw, helping to prevent future behaviour problems, which become stressful and expensive for dog and owner. Prevention is always better than cure.

Why not let us take the stress out of training your puppy.


What we can do for your puppy:

Socialisation & habituation – introducing your puppy to lots of sights, sounds, people, children, dogs, cats. All of the things your dog will come across in everyday life – household appliances, trips to the shops, vets, crowds, traffic etc. Grooming, handling, and inspection. Exposure to the sound of fireworks, and thunderstorms to help prevent future fears.

Foundation training – to include toilet & crate training, sit, down, stand, loose lead walk, recall, leave, drop, door & food manners. Car travel. Home alone.

You are welcome to visit your puppy (by prior arrangement) during his/her training schedule to see the progress your puppy is making.

On completion of training, we will provide you with your Foundation Training pack to include:

A report & photos of your puppy’s training progress, with written information & advice on how to maintain/continue your puppy’s training, so you get the most from the foundations that we have put into place.

On collection of your puppy, we will thoroughly explain and guide you through the training undertaken. Advise on how to settle your puppy in its new home. Also answering any questions or concerns, you may have.

We are committed to acting in the best interest of our puppies and their families. Once you have taken your puppy home we will give telephone or e-mail support and advice, should you feel you need it

*We are able to source your puppy for you should you wish an alternative breed. We are in contact with the best of breeders within the Uk. All puppies will be from small scale breeders who are licensed and vetted.

Kennel Club registered parents and full parental health testing.

Puppies to include Labradors, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers as well as Cockapoo's & Labradoodles.

We will on your behalf source your puppy of your requirements and tailored to your family needs. We will then train your puppy from 9 weeks of age to 16 weeks whereby you are able to collect your trained puppy.

Worsley, Manchester, UK

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